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In general, a real estate marketing strategy plan is a document that outlines the key objectives of your marketing campaign, its goals, and what your audience is. It also includes information on how you will achieve these goals.

The real estate marketing strategy plan will help you understand your audience and target market. It will also help you determine the best methods to reach them.

The goal of the real estate marketing strategy plan is to create opportunities for leads and establish a favorable position in the competitive marketplace. Marketing can take many forms such as Yellow Letters, SMS/Texting, Postcards, Cold calling, Bandit Sign, internet, social media, etc., but no matter what form it takes it must be well executed and authentic in order for it to be effective.

There are many things that go into a good marketing campaign such as: understanding how your business works, understanding your audience and target market, determining the best methods of reaching them, doing research on other companies in your industry, etc.

Yellow Letters / Postcards

In this section, we will cover a few things you should know before you start a yellow letters campaign.

Before you start a yellow letters campaign, it is important that you identify the objective of your campaign. What do you want to achieve by sending these letters? The more specific your goal is, the more focused your efforts will be.

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the time of year it is, as this will determine what kind of messages you could use in your marketing campaign. For example, if it’s Christmas time, then it might be a good idea to include messages such as ‘wishing you a happy festive season because people are likely to be feeling festive at this time of year.

Meaningful messages are usually more effective in communicating with your customers.

The number of times a marketing campaign is sent to a customer depends on the type of marketing campaign and the goal. A direct mail or yellow lettering campaign can be sent as many as three to four times before it becomes ineffective.


Texting as a marketing campaign has been on the rise for the last few years. In 2017, it was predicted that around 3.5 billion text messages would be sent every day which is a huge upsurge from 2.4 billion in 2016.

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Cold Calling

A cold calling marketing campaign is the process of initiating contact with potential customers by telephone to promote goods or services without having been asked by the prospective customer to do so. What distinguishes a cold call from other methods of marketing is that it does not rely on any pre-existing relationship between the marketer and the prospective customer.

Cold-calling has been an effective way to reach out to potential customers, but it is becoming less popular with the rise of social media. It can be a great way to generate leads, but it is important to be careful with how you contact people.

Cold calling needs to be done in a professional manner. It must be a formal and ethical approach to expanding the market for a company’s products or services. This form of marketing should not be used for telemarketing which is often regarded as unethical.

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are a type of advertising that is considered illegal in most countries. They are considered an eyesore and could be considered vandalism by some people.

A Bandit Sign typically consists of somebody’s handwriting, which is usually in black marker, on a piece of white poster board or cardboard. The boards are then placed on public property such as lampposts, utility poles, and traffic signs.

There is no regulation on Bandit Signs on public property because it would inconvenience too many people if there was an ordinance against them. However, the law often considers Bandit Signs to be vandalism if they are left at private properties without permission from the owner.

Landing Page

Buy my house landing pages are designed to help people sell their homes quickly and for a good price.

Buying a house is an exciting endeavor. It can also be a stressful process. Landing pages like “buy my house” are designed to help the buyer provide information about their home and property to prospective sellers. This type of landing page can also be used by real estate agents who need to find homeowners who want to sell their property quickly.

It’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to make this process easier and more streamlined, which is why landing pages like “buy my house” are becoming more popular every day.


I want to share with you all my marketing experience and how I’ve been able to grow my business.

Marketing is a complicated and never-ending task. We all know that because there are so many ways to market your business, it can be hard to figure out the best way for you. The key is to find what works for you and keep mix and match between them, that’s what I’ve been doing because I want the best possible results for my business.

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