Freedomsoft Review 2022: Everything You Need to Know

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Running a real estate business is no easy task. There is often much work to do when it comes to marketing and finding high-quality leads. 

Additionally, managing those leads effectively can be difficult as they tend to come from various sources. It can become very easy to lose track of where a lead is in the conversion funnel.

Fortunately, developers have heard the cries of property investors and come up with an innovative, all-in-one solution that generates thousands of leads each day. 

FreedomSoft doesn’t just generate leads, but also has autoresponders that communicate with these leads on your behalf using pre-made emails or texts, and so much more.

In this article, we take a closer look at FreedomSoft to help you determine whether it is indeed the ideal solution for your real estate business. Here is everything you need to know about FreedomSoft.

The Pros and Cons of FreedomSoft

The key to determining whether something is beneficial for you and your business is to analyze its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of choosing FreedomSoft for your property business.


  • Generate high-quality leads quickly and easily
  • The software is very easy to use and requires no prior marketing experience
  • You get a full 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase a plan
  • Nurture and convert leads with FreedomSoft’s automation features
  • The software provides an all-in-one solution, giving you everything you need to be a success in the real estate business


  • Users have noted some bugs. However, FreedomSoft does work fairly quickly to remove these
  • A few users may find the sheer volume of features overwhelming
  • Monthly subscriptions are expensive, and there are no yearly plans available. Despite this, the plethora of valuable and practical features make FreedomSoft a worthwhile investment

What Is Freedomsoft?

FreedomSoft is a new and innovative software designed to assist individuals, even those with no prior experience in real estate investment, in generating money. Within moments of joining up, FreedomSoft promises to have all the tools you require to start investing in real estate.

Upon signing up for a FreedomSoft account, you get your very own site, potential leads to discover eager sellers and buyers in your region, and the software required to generate, complete, and forward all documents related to real estate.

This software isn’t just a marketing tool and CRM that you can use for a property investment firm either, but it also allows you to send SMS or email broadcast messages directly to sellers. There is also a plethora of other capabilities that make it easy to reach both buyers and sellers with ease.

FreedomSoft’s Features

FreedomSoft truly does pack a host of features. The section below covers some of the most significant features that you can expect with this innovative software.

Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Automation

Running a successful real estate business involves employing a comprehensive marketing system. While some believe that email marketing is becoming redundant, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Email advertisements remain one of the most effective ways to reach an intended target market and provide a vital tool for those in the real estate business. With FreedomSoft, you can reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers in just minutes.

Whenever a new lead is received, it automatically takes over and takes each lead through your sales funnel, from new lead to profitable client. Each new lead status update triggers the creation of a new task.

With its text message autoresponders, automatic task generation, direct mail follow-up features, and more, Boomerang leverages strong email marketing and auto-response systems. This ensures that your leads are never lost. 

Additionally, you can set up a multi-channel, automated follow-up strategy to further drive sales.

You can choose from pre-built workflow automation or construct your own. All automation features are completely customizable. With FreedomSoft, you can choose to use them as is, or tweak them to your taste, generating, planning, and assigning tasks automatically.

Website Builder

If you need to create niche websites to target specific groups of people or to help you rank higher on Google searches, you can use FreedomSoft to build these websites thanks to its web builder feature.

You can develop and publish a site without tying it to a custom domain or paying for additional hosting. This means that you can publish various landing pages and sites to promote your business, and FreedomSoft hosts them. It even allows you to use your own custom domain if you want to.

Direct your websites to a particular region and increase their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for the main state and city your company operates and customize it to your liking.

Social Media Integration

In order to run an effective marketing campaign, it is essential to explore all avenues for marketing. One such avenue that must not be ignored for marketing real estate is social media. However, designing posts individually to post to each social media account can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Fortunately, with FreedomSoft’s social media integration feature, you can link several social media accounts and post to all of them at the touch of a button, creating a simplified, no-fuss approach to social media advertising.

Property Valuation Software

Another great benefit to using FreedomSoft is its automatic property valuation software. Evaluating properties can be difficult and sometimes becomes guesswork. 

Well, with FreedomSoft, you can take the guesswork out of property valuation and gain access to current, accurate, reliable, and trustworthy property valuation information, saving you a great deal of time, effort, and the risk of inaccuracy. 

Access to Daily Leads

Leads are the lifeline of any business, and it is no different with real estate. Finding sellers who wish to sell their homes is the key to generating leads and driving sales. 

With FreedomSoft, you may look for foreclosures, owner-occupied, absentee owners, high and low equity properties, unoccupied, single-family, out-of-state owners, quitclaim deed, tax delinquent, duplex, and triplex properties, as well as other types of properties.

When you use FreedomSoft, you never have to buy leads because this tool generates leads as part of its built-in features. This can save you thousands of dollars.

Finding leads can be done in several ways. One way is to use the lead finder to identify sellers. You can also contact rental apartments on Craigslist to determine if they are interested in selling utilizing the software’s lead swiper function.

Find Cash Buyers

To locate cash buyers, you can use the software’s built-in marketing tools. It displays the number of current cash buyers in the location you select, as well as the number of houses they have recently acquired, the date of their latest acquisition, and the median cash value of their acquisitions. 

Skip trace them quickly and easily using FreedomSoft to obtain their contact information, which you can then use to SMS or call.

You can classify cash purchasers as buy and hold, active, fix and flip, and more, for easy reference after you begin communicating with them. Store the information of every buyer, including the regions they want to purchase real estate in, the number of rooms and bathrooms they want, and so on.

CRM and Lead Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management are just as crucial as generating leads. If leads are not managed effectively, they may lose interest or make use of the services of your competitor. 

However, with FreedomSoft, your chances of losing leads are reduced thanks to its CRM and lead management features. You can quickly add other people to your accounts, such as a business partner or an assistant, to help you nurture your prospective clients. 

FreedomSoft gives you the option of providing a partner or assistant full or limited access to your account, so you can produce prospects and then delegate sending and responding to texts and emails to somebody else.

Pricing and Plans

There are three plans to choose from, namely Start, Grow, and Scale. These plans have been designed to suit small, medium, and large real estate businesses, respectively. 

All plans contain the basic features, such as lead finder, cash buyer, find the owner, and lead swiper. However, additional features like Zapier integration, custom call schedules, round-robin automation a dedicated account manager is not accessible with the cheaper plans.

Here is a list of the prices for each FreedomSoft month plan:

  • Start – $197 per month
  • Grow – $297 per month
  • Scale – $497 per month

Unfortunately, FreedomSoft does not offer a free version. However, you can contact the company to schedule a demo. Additionally, if you are not completely satisfied with the software or find that it isn’t for you, the company offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

FreedomSoft offers real estate business owners who are serious about growing and managing their businesses effectively an all-in-one solution that automates many redundant tasks. It also makes it easier for users to get high-quality leads, nurture them, and lead them through the sales funnel.

The software essentially includes all the features you need to run your business effectively. If you are skeptical, you can contact the company to book a demo to try this fantastic software risk-free. We highly recommend this software to all real estate business owners looking for a management and lead generation tool for their business.

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